Detect porosity, cracks, inclusions, micro-porosity, non-uniformity as well as perform internal measurements, locate FOD, etc.  All methods of NDT are commonly used in the aerospace industry


Porosity, cracks, inclusions, hardness, case depth, etc. engine castings and large cast.


A multitude of applications including broken wedge bonds, lifted ball bonds, wire sweep and die attach, surface mount defects, solder joint porosity, bridging, through hole plating and multi-layer alignment. BGA and CSP inspection, dry joints (Insufficient solder), bridging/shorts (surplus solder), voiding ,misplacement, misalignment, etc. x-ray and computed tomography ct are commonly used for this inspection.


Inspect food for foreign objects, fill levels, inclusions. Real-time x-ray technology is commonly used for food inspection.


Determine structure, interfaces, densities,  and alignment in all materials. computed tomography is most commonly used for this type of testing.

Medical Device

Inspect small to large, simple to complex parts for a wide variety of conditions. Typical examples are internal measurement, failure analysis, coating measurement, fatigue comparison, reverse engineering, density analysis, etc. See computed tomography, x-ray.

Military / Defense

Aircraft engine inspection, composite inspection, for FOD, porosity, cracks and inclusions. All methods of NDT are used.

Pipe Inspection

Dimensions, cracks, inclusions, porosity, non uniformity. See x-ray

Pressure Vessels

Porosity, cracks and inclusions in welded sections. See x-ray.