Computed Tomography X-ray System Installed at the University of Florida.

May 28, 2009

CT System atht eh University of FLorida

North Star Imaging is proud to announce the successful installation of their X-View CT X-ray system at the University of Florida.  This unique “two-in-one” x-ray system configures a 225kV and a 450kV x-ray tube into one enclosure.  The system is also fitted with an MTS load cell and an Espec environmental chamber.

The University of Florida’s custom x-ray system is lead shielded for 450kV and houses two x-ray tubes, a 225kV microfocus and a 450kV high-power unit.  Objects are manipulated by a customized version of NSI’s M5000 positioner.  Digital imaging is obtained through the use of a Digital Flat Panel Detector paired with North Star Imaging’s X-view image processing software.  The system also incorporates full CT capabilities (calibration to reconstruction to visualization) with NSI’s efX-ct software.

In addition, the system includes an MTS load cell and an Espec environmental chamber integrated into the x-ray enclosure.  The load cell will enable the University to test objects under pressure or stress.  The environmental chamber was installed to precisely maintain the temperature within the enclosure and allow the duplication of environmental conditions ranging from a northern Minnesota winter to a southern Texas summer.

“This was a fun project that had numerous aspects and many challenges.  My hat is off to the installation team that managed to shoe horn this 45,000 pound room and all the associated equipment into this very tight office space.  True to the integrity and fine craftsmanship that North Star Imaging has come to be known for; this project is no exception” says Lou Ortega from North Star Imaging.