New Generation of Digital Radiography Software

North Star Imaging, Inc. (NSI) is excited to announce the newest addition to their industrial X-ray software products - efX-DR.  efX-DR is a high performance Digital Radiography (DR) image analysis software designed and developed entirely by NSI.  

NSI's Digital Radiography (DR) software presents a comprehensive set of X-ray image analysis tools through the use of an extremely fast and easy-to-use interface.  efX-DR is Windows based (7, Vista or XP) and offers high performance image processing and measurement functions.  The software utilizes Graphics Processing (GPU) technology with automatic parallelization for systems with multiple CPU's and GPU's.

efX-DR provides a host of real-time analysis functions including averaging, histogram, line profile, rotation between portrait and landscape modes, image gain/offset calibration, defective pixel correction, measurements and more.

The software also offers the automatic creation of technique sheets for operator records, the ability to capture AVI video and the capability to read and store images in a non-proprietary format (TIFF 32bit / 16bit / 8bit, BMP and JPEG).  efX-DR supports digital flat panel detectors, LDA's and digital/analog cameras at 8, 10, 12 and 16 bits.

efX-DR was developed with the same philosophy as NSI's industry leading Computed Tomography software, efX-CT, and therefore offers the same fast, easy-to-use and extremely powerful attributes that made efX-CT so successful in the industry.  This also means efX-DR will seamlessly integrate with efX-CT, including the new efX-CT v1.3 coming out in November 2009.

NSI's efX-DR can be retrofit to an existing 2D X-ray system for increased capabilities and performance or the software can even be used to upgrade a film X-ray system to a fully capable real-time digital X-ray system.  The first copy of efX-DR was recently installed on a new NSI X50 industrial DR / CT system and shipped to a company in Asia. 

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