Interactive Radiation Safety Training

Interactive Radiation Safety Training For Industrial X-ray


This training program is written in a down to earth, understandable format covering the practical application of radiation safety. The program includes the following features:

  • Content required by State regulations.
  • Full audio presentation with many visual aids for easy understanding and comprehension.
  • A choice of basic operator training or in-depth RSO training mode.
  • A choice of a full training mode or annual refresher mode. (Refresher training is required by State Regulations)
  • Training format can be selected based on type of equipment used.
  • Radiation Quiz and examinations are included and automatically graded.
  • A built-in system database that keeps track of the individuals training and when they are scheduled for refresher training. 
  • Certificates can be printed upon successful completion of the training.
  • The Radiation Training format includes a section for training customization, which allows company specific requirements to be imported along with images of the company’s x-ray equipment.